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October 5, 2020

By gqgdf

Ethiopia has experienced impressive agricultural growth and poverty reduction, stemming in part from substantial public investments in agriculture. Yet, the agriculture sector now faces increasing land and water constraints along with other challenges to growth. Ethiopia’s Agrifood System: Past Trends, Present Challenges, and Future Scenarios presents a forward-looking analysis of Ethiopia’s agrifood system in the context of a rapidly changing economy. Growth in the agriculture sector remains essential to continued poverty reduction in Ethiopia and will depend on sustained investment in the agrifood system, especially private sector investment. Many of the policies for a successful agricultural and rural development strategy for Ethiopia are relevant for other African countries, as well. Ethiopia’s Agrifood System should be a valuable resource for policymakers, development specialists, and others concerned with economic development in Africa south of the Sahara.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Structural Transformation and the Agricultural Food System: An Introduction [download]

Part 1: Natural Resources and Production

Chapter 2 Cropland Expansion [download]
Chapter 3 Crop Productivity and Potential [download]
Chapter 4 Climate Change Impacts on Crop Yields [download]
Chapter 5 Evolving Livestock Sector [download]
Chapter 6 Farm Size, Food Security, and Welfare [download]

Part 2: Evolving Markets and Household Consumption

Chapter 7 Evolving Food Value Chains [download]
Chapter 8 Evolving Animal-Sourced Foods and Livestock Markets [download]
Chapter 9 Droughts, Cereal Prices, and Price Stabilization Options [download]
Chapter 10 Food Security [download]

Part 3: Economywide Perspectives

Chapter 11 Nonfarm Income and Rural Labor Markets [download]
Chapter 12 Urbanization and Structural Transformation [download]
Chapter 13 Public Investments and Poverty Reduction [download]
Chapter 14 Toward a Medium-Term Agricultural and Rural Development Strategy [download]

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